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Detecting Structural Foundation Cracks in Old Bridge, New Brunswick & Nearby

Concrete is made of cement, gravel and water. When the water starts to evaporate, the remaining ingredients then harden into a solid slab of concrete. Unfortunately, this portion of the process can cause the concrete to shrink a little bit, and this results in hairline cracks in the slab. While this kind of crack doesn’t threaten the structural integrity of the house, it does provide an opening for groundwater, insects and even radon gas to pass through.

There are however some types of cracks that indicate some structural issues. These types of cracks usually happen because the wet soil around your foundation pushes against your basement walls or because erosion weakened the soil underneath your foundation. These types of cracks, once detected neef to be inspected and fixed as soon as possible. The more you wait the bigger the problem will become, and the more expensive and difficult to solve. 

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Which Direction?

To know if you need assistance, take notice of the direction of the crack. If you have a horizontal structural crack in a poured concrete wall or stairstep cracks on block walls, accompanied or not by bowing or leaning walls, get it professionally inspected as soon as possible. If you see vertical cracks that are wider than hairline cracks or V-shaped, call a professional foundation repair company right away.They indicate a far more serious problem and you may require structural crack repairs.

What’s The Size?

If it’s a hairline crack,it is probably just the result of the curing of the concrete. Wider cracks, cracks that are allowing water to seep into the basement, should be inspected and monitored by a profissional even if they don’t pose any structural concerns. Scaldino offer effective and affordable solutions to repair both structural and simple leaky cracks. 

What Causes Horizontal Cracks in NJ & Staten Island?

Most horizontal cracks in block or poured concrete walls happen with frost damage. Freezing temperatures can actually cause the concrete to shrink. They can also be caused from an excess of pressure on the foundation from wet soil. When that happens it is important to monitor the cracks and see if you can detect wall movement such as bulging or leaning. note is that if you see a bulging crack, This could mean that the home is slowly sliding off of its footing and the problem needs to be taken care of immediately.

iBasement Systems & Crawl Space Systems Certificates

The iBasement Systems and Crawl Space Systems Certificates were created using specific sets of criteria to provide a healthy indoor living environment. Air pollutants and excessive moisture levels in the basement or crawl space can negatively impact the odors in the home as well as cause health problems with those who live there year-round - including yourself!

We offer 6 levels of iBasement Certificate, and 5 levels Crawl Space Systems Certificate, each designed to solve specific problems and protect your home, family, and property value on the long run.

Steps towards a healthy basement and a Nationally Backed Warranty.

All of our Healthy Basement / Crawl Space Contractors are trained and certified.

Steps towards a healthy crawl space and a Nationally Backed Warranty.

All of our Healthy Basement / Crawl Space Contractors are trained and certified.

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